Manage multiple servers remotely

Execute commands, manage files, automate scripts on multiple servers and clusters at once.

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Parallel SSH executions

Execute shell scripts and commands on a server or multiple servers at once.

Manage shell scripts

A central place to add, edit and reuse your shell scripts.

Trigger script on server

Public API to run a script on multiple servers at once. Ready for webhooks.

File Manager

Fully manage your files on your servers with our web based file manager.

No installation

We only provide tools for you to manage and automate your servers. Just do it your way.

Share to be shared

Share your scripts, and reuse community shell scripts.


$2.00 / month, $0.07 / day per server
15 days trial - no credit cards required.

About us

Clusterman is the tool we're using to manage our server clusters. It helps us to automate server installation, firewall setup, scale up and out.

Nguyen An Thuan, Develover.

Clusterman is developed and operated by Develover Company Limited, a software company based in Vietnam. Visit company website.

The company owner as well as main developer is Nguyen An Thuan, an experienced website developer.